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Prime Plus Packaging bags are made with CASSAVA, a root vegetable grown throughout Southeast Asia and Central Africa. The CASSAVA BAG reduces plastic usage and can be HOME COMPOSTED in under 6 months at the correct temperatures. (EN13432 compost test temps are 58° C)

But just because they are COMPOSTABLE doesn’t mean they are weaker.

We make our COMPOSTABLE bags from RENEWABLE CASSAVA STARCH mixed with a bio polymer (non-petroleum). Once buried in soil, this material converts into CO2, H2O, CH4, and biomass allowing it to be used as a COMPOSTABLE material.

You will instantly notice a difference in our COMPOSTABLE material’s softer feel and non-chemical smell as compared to traditional plastic. This does not compromise the strength as our bags are as durable as plastic of equal size and thickness.

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220 x 300 – 40 mic  –  Price per 1000 (packed in 100’s)     

300 x 400 – 40 mic  –  Price per 1000 (packed in 100’s)     

400 x 500 – 50 mic  –  Price per 1000 (packed in 50’s)       


300 + 150 x 600 – 30 mic  –  Price per 1000 (packed in 100’s)     

260 + 140 x 550 – 30 mic  –  Price per 1000 (packed in 50’s)       

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