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Fire lighter manufacturers in South Africa using 100% Biodegradable material. FireFly Biofuel produces these in a convenient donut size and shape fire starter. Not only aiming to get more “value from the product in comparison to cost” but also the knowledge that you are using a recycled and biodegradable product that is PETROLEUM FREE and safe for you, your family and the environment.

The FireSpark Jnr is made in a donut size / shape design to enhance the “life span” of your fire starter. The minimum burning time is 10 minutes But on averae burns for 15 minutes. 

The manufacturing process is completely safe, As Eco Friendly Fire lighter manufacturers in South Africa FireFly Biofuel ensures Zero petroleum products being used. FireFly is completely safe and there is no need to seal the product as there are no petroleum products to evaporate. The commonly used fire lighter has to remain sealed in order to uphold the quality, once the seal is broken the product degrades.

The FireSpark Jnr Natural Clean Burning Coffee Firelighters for dry wood and charcoal fires

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Petroleum Free

No chemicals or black smoke that goes into your food or consumed by the user.


(Theoretically safe enough to eat as there is no harmful material being used when producing the product. please don’t though…it tastes horrible and it is not designed for human consumption) The FireSpark Jnr is made from Sugar, Sawdust, Recycled Coffee & Vegetable Based Wax -FireSpark Jnr’s are safe for children and pets and eliminates the fear of poisoning when consumed

No Chemicals transfer

when handling the FireSpark Jnr - When handling petroleum fire starters the chemicals
remain in your skin and is toxic to the user. Even when washing your hands before handling your food, the toxins
remain for a considerable time. The FireSpark Jnr’s eliminate that factor for the user. Ask any fisherman, if you
handle petroleum based firelighters the night before and then handle the bait the fish wont bite. Just shows how
much actually absorbed into your skin.

Long Burning

We need a clean environment for our future. We emplore all South Africans to make changes into a low waste lifestyle, be conscious about their footprint and be a good example for future generations.
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Recycled Material

700 million tons of coffee grain waste gets put into landfills each year which then rots and creates Methane gasses which is responsible for further damage to the ozone layer. FireFly Biofuel collect waste from local coffee houses and then uses the coffee to create the FireSpark Jnr. The Sawdust Firefly Biofuel collect from a Custom Pallet Furniture company of which they use reclaimed / recycled pallets in order to make their furniture.

Eco-friendly Green burn

As there is no petroleum in the FireSpark Jnr, burning the FireSpark Jnr does not produce the toxic black smoke you normally get from petroleum based firelighters. No air pollution to the environment in dormant or function usages. The FireSpark Jnr has a zero carbon footprint.and eliminates the fear of poisoning when consumed

100% Biodegradable

FireSpark Jnr converts back to ash with no residue or waste.

Natural Insect repellent

Burning coffee is a natural insect repellent. Not hurting the insects but merely chase them away.

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Test from the Original Firespark Fire lighter work – Video walkthrough

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