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Biodegradable packaging being natural should be the natural choice for any business. Find packaging companies nearby but don’t let that limit you as our members are able to deliver nationwide across South Africa. Polluting our planet with cheap methods is not sustainable. As a business owner that supplies a product, you need to do research into the types of packaging and only use packaging that will do no harm to our environment. But the change is here and it’s moving fast. Packaging companies in South  Africa have started to replace their options with biodegradable packaging as more break away from single use.

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Find Packaging Suppliers Nearby

Find Biodegradable Packaging suppliers in South Africa and change the way you impact the environment today! If your product does not need any packaging then that’s amazing and we would love for you to share this with us. Alternatively, if you are looking for packaging for your products, cosmetics, bakery, take away shop or clothing please choose wisely. The packaging is normally discarded as soon as the package is open. Meaning the packaging should not last longer than your product. does have packaging alternatives and a blog to browse for packaging ideas before looking for packaging companies.

Biodegradable packaging supplies

Hot Cups & Accessories | Cold Cups & Straws | Takeaway Containers | Plates | Bowls | Kraft | Cutlery | Brown Paper Bags | Compostable Clear Bioplastic Bags 

Paper & Cardboard Packaging

Recycled paper which would be a more environmentally friendly option due to the amount of paper that is already in circulation you could use.

Paper & cardboard usually takes 1 – 3 months to degrade.

Paper and cardboard can be used in compost unless it is coloured & glossy paper which might contain toxic metals so keep it clean.

Plastic Packaging alternatives

Plastic Packaging has caused so much pollution and this is because business owners and corporations have taken to the “cheaper option” verses the ethical choice.

This page is dedicated to plastic alternatives for your business that are better for our planet, animals and ourselves.

Whether you have an online store, shop owner, Takeaway store or provide anything that uses packaging then please consider the environment. Just because you might dispose or recycle does not mean that people purchasing from you follow your guidelines.

Biodegradable Plastic

Biodegradable plastic bags are made from plants which mean that they decompose naturally by living organisms.

Biodegradable plastic can take about 3 – 6 months to fully decompose.

Some plastics labelled as ‘biodegradable’ don”t fully break down. When looking into Biodegradable plastics make sure that it is Compostable.


Product: Biodegradable Packaging & Event Supplies 

Certified packaging made from plants, home Compostable which safely decompose within 30-90 days. EnviroMall has a wide range of Eco Friendly Packaging and Products for all applications and industries – including fast food, event catering, airlines, hotels, picnic spots, and we are able to create bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

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Nature Pack

Product: Eco Friendly Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier

Nature Pack is an Eco friendly packaging manufacturer and supplier in Cape Town, South Africa. Eco friendly and biodegradable packaging that is a more sustainable choice than traditional take away food packaging made from non-renewable resources.
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Good For The Ground

Product: Biodegradable Clear Plastic Film Bags

Good for the Ground 30 micron bags are made from PLA (Polylactic Acid), a polymer derived from starch. This starch is derived from corn, sugar cane, straw or wood, all annually renewable resource. Biodegradable clear plastic bags are a more sustainable choice for your home or commercial business.

Go Green Food Packaging

Product: Biodegradable Eco Friendly Food Packaging

Go Green products are made from plant raw materials. Biodegradable packaging in South Africa that is completely compostable. Use biodegradable packaging to achieve zero waste. Packaging made from plant materials are renewable, sustainable and have a lower environmental footprint. Go Green Packaging are natural and non-toxic.

Eco Warrior SA

Product: Biodegradable packaging & Eco Friendly Products

Eco Warrior is a place for business owners to source products and also a place where you can send us a picture of what you want and we will do our best to get it in South Africa. whether you are looking for environmentally friendly products to make your business more sustainable or supplies for your home we will do our best to help where we can.

Multi-cup Solutions

Product: Biodegradable packaging & Eco Friendly Packaging
In the wake of growing environmental concerns with regards to packaging, Multi-cup Solutions has aligned its strategic intent with the development and supply of a range of eco-sensitive packaging. The company is now in the inevitable position to supply an extensive range of recyclable, biodegradable and compostable food packaging. The latest addition being a selection of bagasse food trays. The company is constantly monitoring market trends and needs to accommodate the requirements of the enviro-conscious consumer.

Prime Plus Packaging

Product: Biodegradable plastic bags

Prime Plus Packaging manufactures cassava biodegradable plastic bags locally in Cape Town. The CASSAVA BAG reduces plastic usage and can be HOME COMPOSTED in under 6 months at the correct temperatures. (EN13432 compost test temps are 58° C

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What packaging is best for you?

Packaging supplies for your products can be something that you feel will set you apart from the rest… But with all the packaging out there in the world maybe less is more, after all it is the product they are buying and not the wrapping. 

Is there any way we can help you?

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