Biodegradable and biologically active cleaning products.

OptimusBio develops and manufactures authentic biodegradable and biologically active cleaning and waste treatments products that prioritize people well-being and environmental sustainability. We represent all that is green, using fully locally developed cutting edge technology exclusively licensed from the CSIR. By using the latest techniques in Chemistry and Biotechnology, our products do not harm people or the environment and start the water treatment process at source.

Our products are also fully locally manufactured, and we are currently the only Level 1 BBBEE company that is Global Green Tag certified in this space.


Biodegradable biological products and solutions
  • to improve sanitation and water treatment efficiency
  • to improve environmental preservation and sustainability
  • to improve quality of life associated with rural sanitation


OptimusBio is a spin-out company from the CSIR
  • backed by excellent product and process technology
  • high quality, safe and validated products


OptimusBio is local
  • immediately available product and technical support
  • cost benefits from local manufacturing base
  • job creation and economic growth in the entire value chain
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Optimus Bio Cleaning Products

Our product range covers household and intuitional cleaning, personal care, waste and water treatment, automotive cleaning, heavy industry and industrial ingredients for reformulators. Through our association with the CSIR, OptimusBio has excellent expertise for technology development and in-house custom product development and white label manufacturing expertise. OptimusBio applies environmentally sustainable principles to everything that we do. 

Our ingredients are readily biodegradable (OECD 301), our packaging system are re-usable and recyclable and minimized towards a future agenda of zero waste. With us as your partner, you can be sure of cutting-edge technology at affordable value, without breaking natures rules towards a sustainable planet, while you support local economic growth and transformation.

OPTIMUS PURE is a range of earth-friendly products designed to meet commercial and domestic cleaning needs:

  • The ingredients used in these earth-friendly cleaning products are 100% biodegradable.
  • Products are optimised for functionality and affordability.
  • Selected products, based on application, contain natural bacteria that produce cleaning enzymes.
  • Our bacteria cleans surfaces and crevices, keep traps and drains clean, reduce odour and start the water treatment process at source.
  • Our bacteria can outcompete other troublesome organisms such as mildew and pathogens.

Dishwashing Liquid | Fabric and Room Fresheners | Floor Cleaners and Finishers | Spray Cleaning Products

OPTIMUS CARE is a range of gentle earth-friendly products for personal care:

  • Bath and shower washes for
    gymnasiums, hostels, schools and homes
  • Hand washes for institutional and home use
  • Hair care products
  • Skin care products
  • Anti-bacterial sanitizers

Bath and Shower Wash Liquid | Handwash Liquid

OPTIMUS ECO is a range of water treatment and sanitation products that offer industry, effluent treatment plants, and rural households access to eco friendly biological alternatives:

  • BIOPIT for treatment and odour control of rural pit-latrine toilets.
  • DRAIN GRANULES for cleaning and odour control of traps, drains and pipes.
  • URINAL BLOCKS for cleaning and odour control of urinals.
  • EFFLUENTS SEPTIC TABS for the treatment of septic tanks and French drain systems.
  • EFFLUENTS SEWAGE for bio-augmentation and enhancement of sewage treatment processes.
  • EFFLUENTS HC for bio-remediation of contamination from mineral oils, fuels and greases.
  • EFFLUENTS VOF for treatment of fat traps and bio-remediation of food fats, oils and greases.

Drain Cleaner | Toilet Cleaner

OPTIMUS MOTION is a range of products catering for the automotive industry and motor enthusiasts:

  • Industrial automotive cleaning products.
  • Premium detailer’s quality car care products.
  • Protectants and special application finishers.
  • Engine cleaners and degreasers.
  • Workshop and garage cleaners.
  • Window and glass cleaners.
  • Waterless quick detailers.

Car Washes

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Cleaning product manufacturers & suppliers of a wide range of biodegradable and biological affordable alternatives for people looking to break away from harsh chemicals and pollutants.

Cleaning with green products helps to keep the environment safe & protects your family from harmful chemicals that are usually associated with most cleaning products. These chemicals can lead to cancer and other health conditions. Biodegradable and biologically active products are designed to preserve and protect the environment. 
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