Eco Living

Eco living in South Africa to some seems like an impossible task, to others it is possible and then there are the Eco Warriors leading the path to sustainable living. Here you will Find alternatives to single use plastic, tips for eco friendly living and Eco Friendly brands that will walk with you on your journey to a sustainable life that is better for you and our environment.

Living an Eco Friendly lifestyle can be affordable but also requires you to plan and take action. Reprogram the way we think in order to make the natural products the natural choice.

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eco living | eco living south africa | tips for eco friendly living | eco living products | green living | green living south africa | sustainable living

zero waste

The journey to a zero waste life in  Sa is possible when we take things 1 step at a time. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of a day without a plastic wrapper. Find the joy inside that will allow you to break free from the false pleasures of our world. Yes it can be and is difficult as well as different to what we are used to. But what we are doing to our planet is not natural. What if you said not another plastic, not another packet of chips, chocolate, sweats, and no using a straw today…. and what if you did that every day. Consumers have the power, your vote is your purchase.

Green Living & Sustainable Lifestyle

Natural Products | Green Living | Sustainable Products | Eco Friendly Products | Biodegradable Products | Travel Essentials

Daily Eco Living

Find Eco friendly biodegradable products that will replace the single use plastic items. Bamboo products, Stainless steel products and so much more. Find natural and sustainable products nearby that will help you live a more eco conscious lifestyle. The brands we partner with provide affordable options and will also be able to supply in bulk if needed.

Outdoors & Events

If you are planning an event, Wedding or function then you need to keep the planet in mind. Find event suppliers, Eco conscious caterers, Biodegradable supplies and even confetti to ensure that your day is one that is remembered for how beautiful it was. Do not let our waste on the day outlive our memories of the day. Find an alternative below.

Online Stores

Online stores make it easier for you to purchase everything you need in one place. And Eco Friendly zero waste online stores make it easier for us to support the planet rather than search through malls and shops looking for products that do n harm to our planet. See below to Find Eco friendly products for you and your loved ones.

Cleaning Supplies

A Clean Home is a chemical free Home. Biodegradable cleaning supplies are better for you & the health of your family and of course the environment and all that share the planet with us. Find cleaning supplies that will keep your home green, clean and Natural. See Below to find your cleaning partner. Let the natural choice be a natural Cleaning product.

Biodegradable members are able to deliver throughout South Africa – Centurion | Midrand | Krugersdorp | Vanderbijlpark | Boksburg | Randburg | Roodepoort | Sandton | Germiston | Stellenbosch | Bloemfontein | Alberton | Kempton Park | Port Elizabeth | Benoni | East London | Pietermaritzburg | Soweto | Berea | Pretoria | Johannesburg | Durban | Cape Town | Mpumalanga | Kroonstad | Knysna

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