What Does “Biodegradable” Really mean

Biodegradable meaning is quite simple – ” the item will be able to degrade naturally without causing harm to the environment.” E.g when something degrades naturally it wouldn’t leave any toxic chemicals or other harmful substances behind to cause harm or pollute the environment or animals. If it is really biodegradable it would not take …

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Types of Straws

Plastic straw alternatives | List of Eco friendly straws Biodegradable straws & more eco friendly straws are definitely starting to take over as people distance themselves from plastics. We have really seen a lot of change happening recently where people are requesting restaurants to change their plastic straws to more sustainable ones. And locals that …

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Bamboo is better than plastic

Environmental Impact of Plastic Cutlery1. Pollution of Waterways2. Endangers wildlife3. High carbon footprint4. Extinction of marine species5. Degradation of the environment6. Air pollution7. “Plastic menace” – Plastic is slowly covering the surface of the earth.8. Harmful to the health of humans Bamboo Cutlery is a better choice than plastic. Bamboo cutlery can be reused more …

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